The “D” Free Diet

No Dairy, None, No Not At All

Probably made most famous by Khloe Kardashian

This is probably the first “D” that a Kardashian will turn down..

Undoubtably Khloe Kardashian has transformed her body and image. With the entire Kardashian family being in the centre of the  media constantly Khloe gave one very simple effective remedy, to quit dairy! I myself have in fact tried this and did find it effective as I was now paying more attention to what I put in my body. I would not recommend for woman to do this diet for too long as it can lead to long term illnesses that men are not as prone too such as osteoporosis.

Undoubtably you will shed the pounds by switching to dairy alternatives and cutting it out completely but make sure to stay in control of your diet to ease yourself back into dairy slowly as your body will now have adjusted to the break from dairy. Many people believe that they have become lactose intolerant but in fact it is just your body trying to get used to digesting it once again. After I took a break from it once I had a coffee with regular full fat milk my stomach would ache. The majority of people won’t fly return to eating dairy the way they used to before.

Check out this LINK for more info on Khloe.