we all know one..

Veganism the ever growing fad. There’s one in every group no doubt and we learn to accept them, sort of.. in the form of mockery that counts right?

This is for sure the fastest growing trend in the food industry. With many food chains now altering their business plans. The fast food coffee chain Pret a Manger who already appeal to many with their organic products have now opened a vegan cafe that will also sell products suitable for vegetarians and all other requirements. Vegans are taking over the world.. well not really but this is most certainly a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. More food outlets and businesses need to realise this and start selling more products that are suitable for people who choose this lifestyle. Yes we can all blame Beyoncé for this becoming so trending with the entire family being vegan. There’s only one steak that Jay is getting a piece of.

Vegetarian everybody thinks they’re one. Most commonly people who claim to be vegetarian are in fact flexitrian, meaning that they are vegetarian when it suits them. While hard core veggies may disagree with people like this, it is important to remember that they are still reducing their personal carbon foot print. It has been proven that regular meat eaters have a higher carbon foot print in comparison to vegetarians and vegans. The transportation of meats alone produces astronomical amounts of gases and fumes into our enviroment.

For people considering the this diet and lifestyle change it is important to remember that this is a very strict lifestyle change. It does not only affect the food you eat but also the everyday products that you choose to use i.e. shampoo, face wash etc. Everyting must be veggie, unless of course you are a F L E X I T A R I A N

These are probably the most colourful diets that are out there. Deffinatly appealing to our visual senses as well our insta senses. Your meals will look great on anyones profile #foodie #newme #vegan

Check out this video and see what you make of the lifestyle.