could I get a soya cap pls xo”

As we all know coffee culture is massive right now. There’s young teens trying to be grown up walking around with take away cups and personal take away flask.. relax kids we all know its a hot chocolate or boring black tea.

Everyone is aware of the long list of basic coffee’s available at any good café.

  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Flate White
  • Espresso
  • Machiato
  • French Press – instant brew

As well as many other flavours we can add i.e. hazel nut or caramel (my top two).

BUT now… we have us hipster millenials who think we’re Gods gift, because we are. There are even more varieties of coffee available to us. Due to diet fads and of course with celebrity association more more of coffee drinkers are now ordering “soya cappuccino”. This all raines from the dairy free diet fads. People are considering this as one of their healthier options in their daily ritual of food consumption. This is also very trendy in cities and course people love to take a quick snap of their Starbucks coffee and Instagram it (guilty) #vegan #coffeeislife #soyacappls.

Let’s not forget the ever trending earthy drink that is a matcha latte! While this green latte actually contains no coffee in it (jaw drop) , it will for sure give you energy… to run to the loo for the first few times you drink it. It is actually quite an enjoyable drink after the first few sips. Disappointingly only selected Starbucks outlets offer this *big sad face.

While it is proven that a cup of coffee a day is good for you as it aids digestion, take it easy no more than three a day.


Check out this awesome coffee art! If Thailand wasn’t already on your bucket list I bet it is now.



matcha-latte starbucks-free-to-use