I HATE TEA….said no one ever!

are you’ll stay for one more cup”

 Every Irish household is a tea fanatic. We’ve all been brought up drinking from a young age whether you’re Barrys or Lyons. In fact us Irish love tea so much that the world famous Dorchester Hotel London grow their own tea leafs in London but send them to Ireland to get processed into drinking tea form.

While Barrys and Lyons are great there are a whole selection of tea’s out there. Tea’s are great and can be used for almost anything, sore stomachs, bad skin, weight loss.

Something thats very trendy right now is TEATOXING. Many celebrities have endorsed such products on the likes of Instagram. These truly are great and get you amazing results! They are a fast and easy way to detox and also quite tasty.


Boo tea is a product that I have used myself and found it to be very good. Go check it out! Holland and Barett for some great deals on detoxing tea’s.

Another big trend is MATCHA this is a green Chinese tea that has taken afternoon tea’s around the world with dominance. It is extremely good of you. I would recommend putting some milk in it at first to ease you into the unique taste of matcha. It is becoming more and more popular in the western world with Asian influences and social media.