Interval Training

What is Interval Training you may ask?

Interval training consists of very fast then slow intervals of exercise over a short period of time. The slow intervals are the recovery period from the intense intervals.

Interval training is any type of cardiovascular exercise such as running, cycling, rowing. Cardiovascular exercise is any aerobics that increase the heart rate therefore giving theĀ heart muscle a work out.

There are different types of interval training:

  • training_zone_diagramFartlek Training
  • Sprint interval training
  • High Intensity Training


Fartlek interval training originated in Sweden. It involves a merge of interval training and distance training. It consists of continuous distance running with bursts of sprints then returning to the distance running.

Sprint interval training is the walk back method. Runners sprint a short distance for example 100 metres or 500 metres then walk back. This is the recovery period.

High intensity training involves shortening the distance/volume of the exercise by increasing the number of high intensity intervals.

From personal experience I have lost weight and toned up from interval training!!!

It is truly amazing!!!!

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